Resettable Fuses - PPTC 0.15A 600V RADIAL

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Product Category: Resettable Fuses - PPTC
RoHS:  Details
PCB Mount
150 mA
60 VDC
300 mA
3 A
22 Ohms
- 40 C
+ 85 C
5.1 mm
Ammo Pack
Brand: Littelfuse
Height: 4.6 mm
Length: 12.5 mm
Pd - Power Dissipation: 1 W
Product Type: Resettable Fuses - PPTC
Factory Pack Quantity: 1200
Subcategory: PPTC Resettable Fuses
Tradename: POLY-FUSE
Type: PolyFuse Resettable PTC
Width: 9 mm

LED Lighting Solutions

Littelfuse LED Lighting Solutions support all facets of the LED lighting market with innovative solutions that not only meet regulatory standards but also increase equipment safety and reliability. To help protect end-users, Littelfuse works closely with many LED driver IC suppliers, to ensure their evaluation boards and reference designs comply with safety and surge immunity requirements. They also assist LED lighting power supply manufacturers in designing optimal protection schemes for their driver modules. At the OEM level, they cooperate with luminaire and lamp manufacturers to ensure their products are optimally designed for robust surge immunity protection.

Radial-Leaded PolySwitch Resettable PPTCs

Littelfuse Radial-Leaded Resettable PTCs are designed to provide overcurrent protection for applications where space is not a concern, and resettable protection is preferred. With so many options in the radial-leaded PTCs family, engineers can design with more flexibility. The components feature current ratings from 50mA to 15A, low resistance, and a fast time-to-trip. Higher voltage ratings (6V to 72V) allow for use in new applications. Littelfuse Radial-Leaded Resettable PTCs are compatible with high-volume electronics assembly and can assist in meeting regulatory requirements.

Motor Control Solutions

Littelfuse Motor Control Solutions provide protections that are critical to a vehicle's overall reliability. As mechanical/hydraulic actuators are replaced with electric motors, load dumps, overcurrents, surges, and ESD become potential threats. Littelfuse offers a wide range of TVS Diodes and Diode Arrays, MLVs, MOVs, and PPTCs to protect motor control applications.

Indoor LED Lighting Circuit Protection

Littelfuse Indoor LED Lighting Circuit Protection ensures a long operating life, increased energy efficiency, and safety. LEDs can be damaged by voltage or current surges, and by extreme temperatures. Littelfuse circuit protection technology protects LED assemblies from potential damage. Important circuit protection technologies include metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes, and fuses.

Automotive Application Solutions

Littelfuse Automotive Solutions contain a portfolio of AEC-Q101 and AEC-Q200 qualified TVS diodes, diode arrays, varistors, multilayer varistors, and POLY-FUSE® PTCs. Each new generation of vehicles has an increased number of electronics that control everything from the radio to fuel injection. Littelfuse provides circuit protection solutions for a range of difficult automotive applications.

PolySwitch Resettable Devices

Littelfuse PolySwitch and POLY-FUSE Devices are Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) devices that offer a resettable overcurrent protection alternative, reducing warranty, service, and repair costs. PTCs increase resistance as temperature increases due to increased flow. The components are designed to limit unsafe currents while allowing constant safe current levels, resistance will "reset" automatically when the fault is removed, and temperature returns to safe levels. The ability of the PTCs to reset themselves after exposure to a fault current makes them ideal within circuits that are not easily accessible. PTCs are typically used as circuit protection in applications where sensitive components are at constant risk of damage from overcurrent conditions. The components are also ideal for situations where frequent overcurrent conditions occur or constant uptime is required. Littelfuse Resettable PTCs (PPTCs) are typically used in consumer electronics, power line, telecom, I/O port, process control and medical equipment protection applications.

PolySwitch Telecommunication Resettable PTCs

Littelfuse PolySwitch Telecom Resettable PTCs are designed to protect against short-duration high-voltage fault currents typically found in telecom applications. These components help provide protection against damage caused by power cross and power induction surges, as well as help improve the reliability of customer premise and network equipment worldwide. Littelfuse PolySwitch Telecom Resettable PTCs are compatible with high-volume electronics assembly, assist in meeting regulatory equipment requirements, help improve line balance, and are applicable for legacy POTS and modern digital communications equipment. These devices are available in chip, surface-mount, or radial-leaded configurations.

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