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Flying Ostriches and Other New World Realities Explored David Fambrough
Have you seen the recent Samsung commercial where a curious ostrich suddenly finds itself wearing a Virtual Reality headset solely by accident, and how it is presented with the idea of flight for the first time? Inspired by a new reality, the ostrich runs and flails its wings until one day it magically takes flight. (Yes, many of us TV viewers and the other ostriches watched on in disbelief—captivated.) It’s truly amazing what new worlds of opportunity this technology brings. And it’s not limited to only gaming or enhancing television.

Engineering for Space: Many Challenges, Various Solutions Sylvie Barak
High-performance, zero margin for error, extreme environments, and more are just some of the high-stakes challenges that space engineers face. New materials, louvres, space hardening, Whipple shielding, and artificial intelligence (AI) are just some of the ways space design challenges are addressed.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your (Pneumatic) Engines Bill Schweber
Electric motors may be the prime mover we think of first, but there are many applications that are better served by pneumatic motors driven by compressed air. These motors have very high torque even at low or zero rpm, and they’re also good for high-impact, low-repetition functions like driving large hammers or even forging presses. Of course, the absence of wiring and associated high voltages and currents make them explosion safe, user safe, and practical in wet environments as well.

Drones Seek Out New Waters Mirko Bernacchi
Drones have found a wide variety of terrestrial uses, but some significant technical challenges have so far prevented their use in aquatic environments.

Westworld: Where Technology and Ethics Collide Mike Parks
Can we understand the implications of what we build?

Bird’s Eye View: How Traffic Management Will Lead to Safer Skies Anil Nanduri
Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) trials are designed to test multiple UAS in the same airspace in order to create safe commercial drone flights.

Don’t Forget to Register that Drone Lynnette Reese
If you plan to use a drone for anything related to work or commercial ventures, you need to do more than register.

ASI and the Death of Mankind: What, Me Worry? Paul Golata
Some people see Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) ultimately bringing into play human immortality—making it possible to enable a variety of human or technological enhancements that counteract the aging process. Doing so will increase human life expectancy, possibly very significantly. However, if ASI is ultimately realized and becomes part of the human condition, what is the potential for human extinction based upon the actions of an ASI? It is conceivable that an ASI may one day view human life as unacceptably inefficient and without significant purpose in relationship to any programmed goals.

So How Does An Engineer Choose Motors For A Robot Design? Rudy Ramos
Having worked on many different types of industrial robots—SCARA, cylindrical, Cartesian, Articulated—used in semiconductor manufacturing, I can attest to the importance of choosing the right robot motors and ensuring that their speed and torque are optimized. Otherwise, the overall efficiency and productivity of the robot will be compromised.

Bikeshedding: The Ethics behind the Driverless Car Rudy Ramos
How would you feel about driving down the highway at 65mph when suddenly you realize that the car that just passed you did not have a driver! No driver, only passengers – a group of seniors running late to their next Bingo game! How accepting would you be to the idea of sharing the highways with throngs of “driverless” cars? And what would be some of the “what ifs” or “ethical issues” you would have with this scenario?

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