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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

“Think Like a Hacker” Part 1: Mindset, Kill Chain, and More Andrew Plato
Hackers approach their work much differently than engineers; rather than taking a systematic approach, they take a kill chain approach to exploit system vulnerabilities. What goes on inside a hacker’s mind is entertainment, chaos, and extreme volatility, so bring some coffee, and let’s delve inside.

A Combo for Innovation: Open Source and Crowdfunding Bruce Byfield
In the last few years, open source and crowdfunding have become a joint force multiplier, leading to new product innovations and a deeper expansion of open source into business.

The IoT Security Gamble Stephen Evanczuk
IoT developers face tough choices in juggling functionality, performance, and cost in the design of resource-constrained devices. When security loses out in tradeoff decisions, development organizations are taking a significant gamble.

Arm TechCon: Securing the IoT is the Call to Action Mouser Staff
Grant Imahara and electronics product experts from Mouser Electronics were at Arm TechCon 2017 to demonstrate how Arm-based products and technologies are shaping smarter cities. This year’s Arm TechCon featured embedded security as the overarching theme in keynotes, presentations, and exhibit floor time.

The Annual Smartphone Upgrade: A Ballet Jack Johnson
Exchanging your old technology can feel like a choreographed dance routine. Are we in the audience—or active participants?

Arm TechCon 2017: Day 1 at a Glance Mouser Staff
Grant Imahara and electronics product experts from Mouser Electronics are at Arm TechCon 2017 in booth #603 to demonstrate how Arm-based products and technologies are shaping smarter cities. Day 1 kicked off with keynote speakers and industry-leading suppliers, technologies, and products.

The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Mobile Wallet Barry Manz
Near-field communications (NFC) is one of the world’s most useful wireless technologies and is extremely well suited for mobile payment processing. Despite it having all the ingredients for success, it remains woefully under used, with retailers opting for retailer-specific apps.

Bluetooth Takes a Hit. Design Engineers to the Rescue? Barry Manz
Bluetooth BlueBorne is just one of many security issues making the news headlines. Hardening security in embedded systems is a tall order, yes, but paramount. For designers of Bluetooth-enabled components, subsystems, and systems, BlueBorne poses the question of how to harden Bluetooth in future products against such threats.

Cybersecurity in Self-Driving Cars: Helping to Prevent Hacking Pedro Calomarde
Cars are becoming more connected to the internet, but this means that hackers have more vectors to attack vehicles than before. Auto manufacturers need to put security foremost in their minds in order to create a secure environment for their customers.

Securing IoT and IIoT Environments, Part 3 Michael Camp
In parts 1 and 2, we looked at protecting the MCU, data, and physical access. In the final part of this series we will examine network security.

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