ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JNX Starter Kits

ADLink Technology NEON-2000-JNX Starter Kits are designed to further the NEON-2000-JNX Camera's abilities with the accessories required for testing in the lab and quick deployment in the field. The validated and comprehensive accessories save effort on surveying and debug, letting the user focus solely on the application. The ADLink NEON-2000-JNX Starter Kits contain the NEON-2000-JNX Camera, lens, USB Type C hub/adapter, 1.8m USB Type C cable, I/O extension board, and I/O cable.


  • Integration of NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, image sensor and vision software suites, ready to deploy
  • All-in-one design minimizes cabling, footprint and maintenance
  • FPGA-based DI/O for accurate real-time triggering
  • Validated and comprehensive accessories, saves effort on surveying and debug
  • Pre-installed software and sample code, easy to get started

Kit Contents

  • NEON-2000-JNX camera
  • Lens
  • USB Type C hub/adapter
  • 1.8m USB Type C cable
  • I/O extension board
  • I/O cable



ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JNX Starter Kits
Published: 2021-06-01 | Updated: 2022-03-11