Amphenol RF SMA Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF SMA Cable Assemblies are available in in-series and between series configurations. These semi-precision, sub-miniature, high-frequency connectors feature assemblies that use both flexible and semi-rigid (hand conformable) cable types. SMA assemblies with the semi-rigid cable offer DC to 18GHz, while assemblies using flexible cable perform up to 12.4GHz, depending on cable type. Both cable types provide low reflection and constant 50Ω impedance. Amphenol RF SMA connectors feature a thread-on interface that offers high mechanical strength, high durability, and low VSWR. Amphenol RF SMA Cable Assemblies are offered in standard lengths ranging from 50mm to 100m.


  • Variety of connector configurations, including straight plugs, right-angle plugs, straight jacks, and bulkhead jacks
  • Broadband performance from DC to 18GHz (varies by cable type)
  • Cable options include standard flexible RG style cables and semi-rigid conformable cables
  • Standard lengths range from 50mm to 100m
Published: 2015-05-26 | Updated: 2023-08-14