ams OSRAM AS7263 Evaluation Kit

ams OSRAM AS7263 Evaluation Kit is a complete demonstration platform for the AS7263 6-Channel Spectral Sensing Engine. The AS7263 is optimized for spectral identification in the near IR (NIR) light wavelengths. The AS7263 integrates six independent optical filters whose spectral response is defined in the NIR wavelengths from approximately 600nm to 870nm with a full-width half-max (FWHM) of 20nm. An integrated LED driver with a programmable current is provided for electronic shutter applications. The AS7263 integrates Gaussian filters into standard CMOS silicon via Nano-optic deposited interference filter technology and is packaged in an LGA package. This package provides a built-in aperture to control the light entering the sensor array. Control and Spectral data access are implemented through either the I2C register set or a high-level AT Spectral Command set via a serial UART.

The ams OSRAM AS7263 Evaluation Kit consists of the AS7263-iSPI Board, an FTDI USB-MPSSE Cable, and a USB Drive which includes evaluation software. The USB-MPSSE Cable connects the AS7261-iSPI Board to a PC. The included evaluation software can then be used to demonstrate the features of the AS7263 Spectral Sensing Engine. 

Kit Contents

  • AS7263-iSPI Board
  • USB Drive

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - ams OSRAM AS7263 Evaluation Kit

Board Layout

ams OSRAM AS7263 Evaluation Kit
Published: 2017-04-19 | Updated: 2022-04-25