Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADXL362 Evaluation Boards

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADXL362 Evaluation Boards demonstrate the features and capabilities of the ultra-low-power ADXL362  3-axis MEMS accelerometers. The ADXL362 MEMS accelerometers consume less than 2µA at 100Hz output data rate and 270nA during the motion-triggered wake-up mode. The EVAL-ADXL362 Evaluation Board offering includes a variety of boards.

EVAL-ADXL362Z-DB is an ultra-low-power development board. EVAL-ADXL362Z-S is a satellite board and the EVAL-ADXL362Z is a breakout board. The EVALADXL362Z-MLP provides a real-time evaluation system including the motherboard, satellite board, accelerometer, and all required cables. The EVALADXL362ARDZ features an Arduino Shield Board with LCD Screen.

Published: 2016-08-31 | Updated: 2022-03-11