Analog Devices Inc. SmartMesh® IP™ Wireless Solutions

Analog Devices SmartMesh® IP™ Wireless Solutions from the Dust Networks product group are embedded chips and pre-certified PCB modules. The modules come complete with fully developed, field-proven, intelligent wireless mesh networking software. SmartMesh wireless sensor networks (WSN) deliver unmatched data reliability (>99.999%) over ultralow power, secure wireless communications. This enables sensors to be placed anywhere in tough Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) environments.

A SmartMesh IP network consists of a highly scalable self-forming multi-hop mesh of wireless nodes, known as motes. At the heart of SmartMesh motes and network managers is the Eterna IEEE 802.15.4e system-on-chip (SoC). The SoC features Analog Devices' highly integrated, low-power 2.4GHz radio design. It also features an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microprocessor running SmartMesh networking software.


  • Over 76,000 installed networks
  • Easy to install and expand
  • 10+ year battery life enables "no-wires" installation
  • Self-optimizing network
  • Real-time visibility of network performance
  • OTA Software upgrades
  • 2.4GHz operation for global deployments

SmartMesh IP

Analog Devices Inc. SmartMesh® IP™ Wireless Solutions

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Analog Devices' SmartMesh IP products are based on the 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards and enable low-power consumption with >99.999% data reliability even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments. A SmartMesh IP network consists of motes that collect and relay data, a network manager that monitors and manages network performance, and security that exchanges data with a host application.

SmartMesh IP Motes
SmartMesh IP Motes are the wireless nodes in a SmartMesh IP network. They connect to sensors/actuators and route data from other motes, yet remain low power.

Technical Resources
Software API Interface – SmartMesh IP Mote Serial API Guide
Software CLI Interface – SmartMesh IP Mote CLI Guide

SmartMesh IP Managers
An EManager, or embedded manager, runs as a Manager-on-Chip™ where the access point function and the network management algorithms run on board the SmartMesh IP 802.15.4 hardware. EManagers support up to 100 motes in the network and are ideal for low power gateway operation.

Technical Resources
Software API Interface – SmartMesh IP EManager API Guide
Software CLI Interface – SmartMesh IP EManager CLI Guide

SmartMesh IP VManager
VManager is a software-based manager and separate Access Point Motes that enables:
     • Large Networks – up to 50,000 motes in a single network
     • Increased Bandwidth through Multiple Access Points
     • Hot Failover Gateway Redundancy

VManager software runs on an x86 virtual machine (VM), which can be installed on a variety of hardware platforms, from cloud servers down to low power embedded x86-based processors. The VManager software is delivered from Linear Technology as a pre-compiled and tested VM application that may run on VMWare, or Oracle VirtualBox VMs.

Technical Resources
Software API Interface – SmartMesh IP VManager API Guide
Software CLI Interface – SmartMesh IP VManager CLI Guide

SmartMesh IP Starter Kit

Analog Devices Inc. SmartMesh® IP™ Wireless Solutions

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Analog Devices' SmartMesh IP Starter Kit includes all the tools necessary for evaluating the network performance of SmartMesh IP, such as high reliability, bandwidth flexibility, and ease of installation. In addition, the starter kit provides the components needed for device integration and application development including:
  • One USB Network Manager (DC2274A-A)
  • One USB Access Point Mote (DC2274A-B)
  • Five Evaluation / Development Motes (DC9018B-B)
  • One Eterna Interface Card (DC9006A)
  • One Eterna QuikEval Adapter (DC9005B)
  • Additional CR2032 batteries
  • Cables

SmartMesh WirelessHART

Analog Devices Inc. SmartMesh® IP™ Wireless Solutions

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Analog Devices' SmartMesh WirelessHART products are designed for harsh industrial environments, where low power, reliability, resilience, and scalability are key. This makes them well-suited for general industrial applications and WirelessHART-specific designs. SmartMesh WirelessHART complies with the WirelessHART (IEC 62591) standard and offers the lowest power consumption in its class.

SmartMesh motes and managers are complete wireless sensor network solutions. SmartMesh combines a time-synchronized, channel-hopping link layer with hardware based on Analog Devices' Eterna® system-on-chip technology for a complete wireless networking solution with:
     • >99.999% Data Reliability, in the most challenging RF environments
     • >10 Year Battery Life, place sensors anywhere with lowest cost
     • Encryption, Authentication and Message Integrity Checks, secured network
     • Complete Wireless Mesh Solution, no network stack development required

Secure Mesh with 128-Bit Encryption
SmartMesh networks are among the most secure mesh networks available. All traffic in a SmartMesh network is protected by end-to-end encryption, message integrity checking, and device authentication. Additionally, the SmartMesh network manager contains applications that enable the secure joining of the network, key establishment, and key exchange. These security features provide:
     • Device Authentication: choose from three increasingly strong levels of device authentication
     • Encryption: 128-bit AES-based encryption with multiple keys ensures privacy and confidentiality of the data
     • Message integrity check (MIC): data transmitted is protected by message authentication codes to ensure that it has not been tampered with 
     • Synchronized key changeovers: the entire network changes over to a new encryption key automatically
     • Customized key rotation: decide how often the network should change keys, trading off extra security with additional network traffic

Technical Resources
White Paper:  Wireless Sensor Networking for the Industrial Internet of Things
Verifying SmartMesh IP >99.999% Data Reliability for Industrial Internet of Things Applications


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