Analog Devices Inc. CN0363-PMDZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices CN0363-PMDZ Evaluation Board is designed to evaluate CN0363 dual-channel colorimeter that measures concentrations and characterizes materials through absorption spectroscopy. The CN0363 colorimeter features a modulated light source transmitter, very low noise 24-bit ∑-Δ ADC, standard PMOD connector, and FPGA.

The CNO363 evaluation board also offers Trans-Impedance Amplifiers (TIA) with a programmable gain on each channel and digital synchronous detection. This system strongly rejects any noise sources at frequencies other than modulation frequency thus resulting in excellent accuracy. The CN0363-PMDZ evaluation board operates at 6VDC to 12VDC power supply range.


  • Dual-channel colorimeter
  • Modulated light source transmitter
  • High sensitivity low noise trans-impedance amplifier
  • Programmable gain Trans-Impedance Amplifiers (TIA)
  • Digital synchronous detection
  • 6VDC to 12VDC power supply range
  • Excellent accuracy
  • RoHS compliant

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. CN0363-PMDZ Evaluation Board
Published: 2019-03-18 | Updated: 2023-08-21