Bourns SinglFuse™ AEC-Q200 Compliant SMD Fuses

Bourns SF-0603HIA-M, SF-0603SA-M, SF-1206HIA-M, SF-1206SA-M, SF-1206SA-W, SF-2410FPA-W, and SF-2410FA-W SinglFuse™ AEC-Q200 Compliant Surface-Mount (SMD) Fuses are automotive-grade fast-acting, slow-blow, and high inrush withstand fuses. The series is UL 248 listed, RoHS compliant, and halogen free. These fuses meet the Bourns AEC-Q200 equivalent test plan, with more severe test conditions and large sample sizes that ensure robustness in certain harsh environments. AEC-Q200 Compliant SinglFuse Fuses are designed for use in a variety of industrial, medical (low to medium risk), telecom, and battery management systems applications.


  • Fast-acting, slow-blow, and high inrush withstand
  • 0603, 1206, and 2410
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • UL 248-14 listed
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free


  • Industrial
  • Medical (low to medium risk)
  • Telecom
  • Battery management systems


  • Rated current
    • 0.5A to 5A (SF-1206SA-M)
    • 0.5A to 6A (SF-1206HIA-M)
    • 0.5A to 8A (SF-0603SA-M)
    • 1A to 5A (SF-0603HIA-M)
    • 1A to 10A (SF-2410FPA-W)
    • 1.5A to 15A (SF-1206SA-W)
    • 12A to 20A (SF-2410FA-W)
  • Rated voltage
    • 24VDC to 65VDC (SF-0603SA-M and SF-1206HIA-M)
    • 32VDC (SF-0603HIA-M)
    • 32VDC to 110VDC (SF-1206SA-W)
    • 35VDC (SF-1206SA-M)
    • 65VDC (SF-2410FA-W)
    • 125VDC to 250VDC (SF-2410FPA-W)
  • Fuse type
    • Slow blow (SF-0603SA-M, SF-1206SA-M, SF-1206SA-W)
    • Fast-acting precision (SF-2410FPA-W)
    • Fast-acting (SF-2410FA-W)
    • High inrush withstand (SF-0603HIA-M, SF-1206HIA-M) 
Published: 2020-02-07 | Updated: 2022-03-14