Cornell Dubilier (CDE) 715P Orange Drop® Film/Foil Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier (CDE) 715P Type Orange Drop® Polypropylene Film/Foil Capacitors are constructed from polypropylene film and non-inductively wound with extended foil. These devices offer a round profile, a capacitance range from 0.001µF to 0.47µF, tolerances close to ±1%, low dissipation factor, and excellent stability. They have a long history of proven reliability. Cornell Dubilier 715P Type Orange Drop Polypropylene Film/Foil Capacitors are ideal for use in switching and high voltage power supplies, inverters, snubbers, resonant converters, and electronic lighting ballasts.


  • Low dissipation factor
  • Round profile
  • 0.001µF to 0.47µF capacitance range
  • Tolerances close to ±1%
  • Excellent stability, virtually linear temperature coefficient
  • Various lead spacings, crimp styles, and lead lengths available


  • Switching and high voltage power supplies
  • Inverters
  • Snubbers
  • Resonant converters
  • Electronic lighting ballasts

Standard Lead Styles

Mechanical Drawing - Cornell Dubilier (CDE) 715P Orange Drop® Film/Foil Capacitors
Published: 2013-04-23 | Updated: 2022-03-11