Eaton CCP2 CUBEFuse Circuit Breaker Accessories

Eaton CCP2 CUBEFuse Circuit Breaker Accessories are designed to work with CCP2 CUBEFuse Circuit Breakers, and CCP2 CUBEFuse Compact Control Switches. These accessories include multi-wire lug kits, PLC fuse monitors, 8mm or 12mm shafts, and control wire terminals. The portfolio also features a variety of handles, flange handle rod and cable operators, and Normally Open / Normally Closed (NO/NC) auxiliary contacts. Eaton CCP2 CUBEFuse accessories offer application flexibility, code compliance, through-door or through-side operation, and space savings by eliminating a separate Power Distribution Board (PDB).


  • Multi-wire lug kits with terminal shrouds allow for power distribution to multiple loads
  • Selector and pistol handles for use with rotary-operated switches
  • 8mm or 12mm shafts for use with selector and pistol handles
  • NFPA 79-compliant handles
  • Flange handle rod and cable operators
  • NO/NC auxiliary contacts
  • Control wire terminals
  • PLC fuse monitors


  • Code compliance
  • Space savings (eliminates separate PDB)
  • Application flexibility
  • Ease of identification of switch and/or fuse status
  • Allows through-door and through-side operation
Published: 2020-02-05 | Updated: 2023-09-07