KYOCERA AVX 70-9296 Micro Single Vertical Poke-Home Contacts

KYOCERA AVX 70-9296 Micro Single Vertical Poke-Home Wire-to-Board (WTB) Contacts provide cost-effective, robust discrete wire termination without the expense of an insulator and assembly costs. The top and bottom entry contacts provide a lower cost solution without jeopardizing performance. KYOCERA AVX 70-9296 contacts support both solid and stranded wires ranging from 26AWG to 22AWG and current ratings as high as 8A. Due to the mechanical stiffness of the small contact, 26AWG stranded wires may need to be pre-tinned to facilitate insertion. The set of four contacts provide both top and bottom entry for FR4 and metal core printed circuit boards.


  • Dual-beam contact provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention
  • Staged current rating based on AWG, maximum is 8A (22AWG)
  • Tape-and-reel packaging for automated SMT placement
  • Increased functionality with the single contact placement: multiple contacts and/or specific individual locations
  • RoHS compliant


  • Machine Controls
    • Motors
    • Drives
    • Solenoids
    • Sensors
    • Fans
    • Pumps
  • Commercial Buildings
    • Controls
    • Security
    • Fire
    • Sensors
  • Smart Grids
    • Meters
    • Breakers
    • Panels
    • Bulbs
    • Fixtures
    • Signage
    • Streetlights


  • Current rating
    • 8A for 22AWG
    • 6A for 24AWG
    • 5A for 26AWG
  • 300V voltage rating (depending on placement distance)
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Phosphor Bronze contact material
  • Tin over Nickel contact plating
  • 5 cycle durability
Published: 2017-10-18 | Updated: 2022-06-17