KYOCERA AVX X7S Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX X7S Surface-Mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors feature formulations with temperature-stable ceramics and fall under EIA Class II materials. The temperature variation of capacitance is within ±22% from –55°C to +125°C. Capacitance for the X7S series varies under the influence of electrical operating conditions such as voltage and frequency. KYOCERA AVX X7S dielectric chip usage covers a broad range of industrial applications where known changes in capacitance due to applied voltages are acceptable.


  • Ideal for industrial applications
  • 4V to 16V voltage range
  • 1µF to 4.7µF capacitance range
  • 0402 to 1210 case sizes
Published: 2018-02-08 | Updated: 2022-12-20