Melexis MLX90374 Triaxis® Position Processor

Melexis MLX90374 Triaxis® Position Processor is AEC-Q100 qualified, with a 5.5VDD supply voltage rating and a 12.6mA supply current. Melexis MLX90374 features a Triaxis Hall magnetic front end, an analog-to-digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing, and a dual output stage driver. This position processor provides either a dual PWM output or a combination of SENT with a programmable switch function. Melexis MLX90374 Triaxis Position Processor is ideal for pedal position sensors, float-level sensors, and throttle position sensor applications. The MLX90374 is offered as an ASIL-C SEooC (Safety Element out of Context - ISO 26262).


  • Triaxis Hall technology
  • On-chip signal processing for robust absolute position sensing
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Programmable measurement range
  • Programmable linear transfer characteristic (4 or 8 multi-points or 16PWL or 32PWL)
  • PWM redundant dual output
  • SENT and programmable switch dual output
  • Enhanced serial data communication
  • 48 bits ID number option
  • Robustness against stray-field


  • Absolute rotary position sensor
  • Pedal position sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Ride height position sensor
  • Absolute linear position sensor
  • Steering wheel position sensor
  • Float-level sensor
  • Non-contacting potentiometer

Functional Diagram

Block Diagram - Melexis MLX90374 Triaxis® Position Processor


Published: 2019-04-10 | Updated: 2023-06-05