Microchip Technology PolarFire® SoC FPGA Icicle Kit

Microchip Technology PolarFire® SoC FPGA Icicle Kit is a low-cost development platform used to evaluate the five-core Linux-capable RISC-V microprocessor subsystem. This includes innovative Linux, real-time execution, low-power capabilities, and the rich set of peripherals of the PolarFire® SoC FPGA. PolarFire® SoC is ideal for secure, reliable, and power-efficient computing across a wide range of applications. These applications include imaging, AI/ML, industrial automation, Internet of Things (IoT), wireline access networks, aerospace, defense, and automotive. The Icicle Kit features onboard memory (LPDDR4, QSPI, and eMMC flash) to run Linux off-the-shelf. The kit also features a multi-rail power sensor to monitor various power domains, PCIe root port, Raspberry Pi, and mikroBUS expansion ports. A host of wired connectivity options is included for quick prototyping and fast time to market.


  • PolarFire® SoC FPGA (MPFS250T-FCVG484EES)
    • SiFive E51 Monitor core (1 x RV64IMAC)
    • SiFive U54 Application cores (4 x RV64GC) and Secure boot
  • Memory and Storage
    • 2GB LPDDR4 x 32
    • 1Gb SPI flash
    • 8GB eMMC flash & SD card slot (multiplexed)
  • Programming & Debugging
    • Onboard JTAG connector or onboard embedded FlashPro (multiplexed)
    • UART via micro USB
    • 52 x test points
  • Interfaces
    • 4 x 12.7Gbps SERDES
    • PCIe Gen2 Rootport
    • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
    • Micro USB 2.0 Hi-Speed OTG
    • 4 x UART (via single micro USB)
    • 2 x CAN
    • 2 x SPI
    • 2 x I2C
  • Expansion
    • Raspberry Pi compatible 40-pin header
    • mikroBUS socket

Kit Contents

  • PolarFire® SoC Icicle Kit with MPFS250T-FCVG484EES
  • USB cable
  • QuickStart card

Block Diagram

Microchip Technology PolarFire® SoC FPGA Icicle Kit


Microchip Technology PolarFire® SoC FPGA Icicle Kit


Published: 2020-07-07 | Updated: 2022-08-04