NXP Semiconductors SLN-ALEXA-IOT Turnkey Solution for Alexa

NXP Semiconductors SLN-ALEXA-IOT Turnkey Solution for Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is designed to provide OEMs with a fully integrated, self-contained, software and hardware solution for adding Alexa Voice Assistant capabilities to their applications. This ultra-small form-factor hardware design, based on the i.MX RT106A audio crossover processor, comes completely integrated with Amazon-qualified software for an out-of-the-box AVS experience. 

The SLN-ALEXA-IOT comes with all far-field audio processing algorithms including noise suppression, echo cancellation, beamforming, and barge-in capabilities, to enable use in acoustically difficult environments. Also included is the Amazon Alexa client application and a machine learning inference engine for Alexa wake-word identification.

i.MX106A Processor

The i.MX RT106A is a solution-specific member of the i.MX RT1060 family of crossover processors, targeting cloud-based embedded voice applications. It features the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core, which operates at speeds up to 600MHz to provide high CPU performance and best real-time response. This i.MX RT106A-based solution enables system designers to easily add voice-control capabilities to a wide variety of smart appliances, smart home, smart retail, and smart industry devices.


  • Amazon Alexa-qualified, single MCU Alexa Voice Service implementation
  • Based on i.MX RT106A Audio Crossover Processor (Arm Cortex-M7 @600MHz)
  • Easy-to-use, BOM-optimized, production-grade, turnkey solution
  • Enables products to be Alexa Built-in Certified* at a lower cost than traditional application processor-based implementations
  • Brings Alexa to a wider range of cost-sensitive products

*What is the difference between "Alexa Built-in" and "Works with Alexa"?

Devices that have "Alexa Built-in" run the Alexa Voice Service themselves, can accept Alexa voice commands directly, and can control other devices, without the need for a separate Alexa device.

Devices that "Work with Alexa" are compatible with the Alexa Voice Service. These devices can be controlled by commands spoken to other devices with "Alexa Built-in".


  • Processor
    • MCU: 1x interface, i.MX RT106A Crossover Processor with Arm® Cortex®-M7 core, 3020 CoreMark/1284 DMIPS @ 600 MHz, 32 kB I-cache, 32kB D-cache, FPU
    • System Control: 1x interface secure JTAG, PLL OSC, eDMA, 4x Watch Dog, 6x GP Timer, 4x Quadrature ENC, 4x QuadTimer, 4x FlexPWM, IOMUX
  • General
    • Qualifications: Amazon AVS qualified
    • Versatility: No voice or audio expertise required, Ultra-small form factor, runs on Amazon FreeRTOS, supports up to three integrated MEMS microphones, two external digital microphone lines
    • ADC/DAC Conversion: 2x ADC (20-ch), 2x ACMP
    • Protocols: Includes MQTT, mBedTLS, Alexa for MCU, LWIP
  • Power
    • Single Power Supply: 1x 5V USB Type-C
    • Low-Dropout Regulation: DC-to-DC & LDO 
    • Temperature Control: 1x interface temp monitor
  • Memory
    • External: 32 MB hyper-flash
    • Internal: 1MB on-chip SRAM
  • Security
    • Hardware: Secure element A71CH (Optional)
    • Software: Ciphers and RNG, secure RTC, Fuse, HAB
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi®: 802.11 b/g/n
    • Bluetooth®: Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy (4.1)


  • Smart switches, smart lighting, shade, and fan controls
  • Smart plugs and outlets
  • Smart appliances
  • Set top boxes and residential gateways
  • Alarm / access panels and thermostats
  • Garage door openers
  • Room air conditioners
  • POS terminals
  • Bluetooth beacons
  • Electronic shelf labels
  • Industrial automation
  • Hands-free process control


Hardware Block Diagram

Block Diagram - NXP Semiconductors SLN-ALEXA-IOT Turnkey Solution for Alexa

Software Block Diagram

Block Diagram - NXP Semiconductors SLN-ALEXA-IOT Turnkey Solution for Alexa
Published: 2019-07-15 | Updated: 2022-03-11