NXP Semiconductors SLN-VIZN3D-IOT Development Kit

NXP Semiconductors SLN-VIZN3D-IOT Development Kit implements the i.MX RT117F processors for secure face recognition with 3D liveness detection. The SLN-VIZN3D-IOT features fully integrated turnkey software for quick out-of-the-box operation, minimizing time to market, risk, and development effort. Utilizing the i.MX RT117F MCU face recognition and liveness detection is done entirely offline without using the cloud. This offline usage addresses the privacy concerns of some consumers and eliminates the latency associated with cloud-based implementations.

The NXP SLN-VIZN3D-IOT Development Kit includes an available remote registration capability to allow end-users to register their faces from mobile devices. The kit is designed for smart homes, buildings, and industrial applications, including smart locks for residential and hospitality (hotel) use cases.

The i.MX RT117F operates at speeds of up to 1GHz. It offers plenty of CPU bandwidth and memory resources to run all the software needed for an IoT product with secure access control capabilities.


  • Fully integrated turnkey software
  • Offline usage
  • Remote registration


  • Smart home
  • Smart building
  • Smart industrial

Board Layout

NXP Semiconductors SLN-VIZN3D-IOT Development Kit
Published: 2021-10-28 | Updated: 2023-03-09