onsemi STR-NCS32100-GEVK Evaluation Kit

onsemi STR-NCS32100-GEVK Evaluation Kit provides hardware and a PCB rotary sensor for a full demonstration of the NCS32100 sensor. The NCS32100 sensor is connected to a fully functional PCB rotary sensor capable of sensing positions with an accuracy of <±50arcsec. This NCS32100 sensor features interfaces with up to 8 inductive coils and supports low-power battery mode. The NCS32100 evaluation board houses a master MCU that is programmed to communicate with the NCS32100 sensor over the RS485 interface. This NCS32100 sensor is used in rotary position encoding, printing, precision instrumentation, automation, and robotics applications.


  •  NCS32100 sensor:
    • Interfaces with up to 8 inductive coils
  • Delivers rotary position and velocity over a 2.5MHz RS485 Bus
  • Connection between the external master and NCS32100 sensor is implemented with a 2.5MHz RS485 interface
  • Houses a master MCU that is programmed to communicate with the NCS32100 over the RS485 interface
  • Adjustable regulator for Battery voltage generation:
    • Backup battery voltage to the NCS32100 sensor can be adjusted with R350 (potentiometer) from 1V to 5V
    • Clockwise turn lowers VBAT voltage
  • Supports low-power battery mode
  • Easy to use integrated solution:
    • Sensor front end, DSP, MCU, and firmware
  • Fewer components:
    • Easier to manufacture
    • Fewer points of failure
    • Fewer supply chain risks
    • Fewer components


  • Rotary position encoding
  • Precision instrumentation
  • Food and beverage
  • Material handling
  • Packaging
  • Mobile vehicle
  • Industrial factory automation
  • Robotics
  • Printing
  • Textiles
  • Aerospace
  • Lift Industry
  • Motor feedback
  • Conveying
  • Automation

NCS32100 Evaluation Board Block Diagram

Block Diagram - onsemi STR-NCS32100-GEVK Evaluation Kit
Published: 2022-12-29 | Updated: 2023-05-30