Qorvo QPA9442 High Linearity Driver Amplifiers

Qorvo QPA9442 High Linearity Driver Amplifiers are wideband amplifiers that provide up to 19dB of gain and achieve a 1W output P1dB upon optimized tuning. These amplifiers can also provide excellent linearity performance with +46dBm output 3rd Order Intercept (OIP3). The QPA9442 amplifiers are tunable overall cellular bands in the 1.35GHz to 2.8GHz operating frequency range. These amplifiers feature a 5V single supply, DC power shutdown, internal RF overdrive protection, and internal DC overvoltage protection. Typical applications include 5G m-MIMO, mobile infrastructure, TDD/FDD systems, and general-purpose wireless.


  • 1.35GHz to 2.8GHz operational frequency range
  • +30dBm P1dB
  • +46dBm OIP3
  • 5V single supply
  • 19dB achievable gain at Band 1
  • DC power shutdown
  • Internal DC overvoltage protection
  • Internal RF overdrive protection
  • 20-pin 4mm x 4mm SMT package


  • 5G m-MIMO
  • Mobile infrastructure
  • TDD/FDD system
  • General purpose wireless
Published: 2023-01-11 | Updated: 2023-06-01