Renesas / Dialog DA7280 Evaluation Board

Renesas / Dialog DA7280 Evaluation Board is designed to evaluate DA7280 High-Definition (HD) haptic driver. The DA7280 board is powered and controlled from the onboard USB circuitry. This board consists of DA728x Motherboard, DA7280 Daughter Card, DA7281 Daughter Card, DA7282 Daughter Card, and DA7283 Daughter Card. The evaluation board is flexible enough to be used stand-alone or wired into an existing application. This allows us to evaluate, design, and fine-tune haptic sequences easing system integration. The device‐under‐test (DUT) side can be completely isolated from the USB controller side both in terms of power and I2C signals. This DA7280 board and DA7280 driver are powered from the 5V USB power supply (J3).


  • DA728 haptic driver
  • 5V USB power supply
  • I2C and SPI interface
  • High-precision accelerometer
  • Metal mass connection
  • LRA connection


  • Smartphones
  • Portable computing systems (point of sale, barcode scanners, etc.)
  • Computing
    • All-in-ones (display)
    • Notebook PCs
  • Automotive
  • Wearables
  • Industrial
  • Gaming
  • Medical
Published: 2020-04-07 | Updated: 2023-05-08