Semtech SX1261/SX1262 LoRa Transceivers

Semtech SX1261 and SX1262 LoRa® Transceivers are low-power, sub-GHz radio transceivers designed to comply with the physical layer requirements of the LoRaWAN™ specification. With support for LoRa modulation for LPWAN use cases and (G)FSK modulation for legacy use cases, Semtech SX1261/SX1262 radio transceivers are compatible with existing LoRaWAN networks and can support proprietary protocols.

Consuming only 4.2mA of active receive current, the transceivers offer long battery life in long-range wireless applications. The SX1261 transceiver can transmit up to +15dBm while the SX1262 can transmit up to +22dBm with highly efficient integrated power amplifiers.

In order to support all major sub-GHz ISM bands around the world, SX1261/SX1261 LoRa Transceivers provide continuous frequency coverage from 150MHz to 960MHz. The radio is well-suited for systems requiring compliance with radio regulations such as ETSI EN 300 220, FCC CFR 47 Part 15, China regulatory requirements, and the Japanese ARIB T-108.


  • LoRa and FSK Modem
  • 170dB maximum link budget (SX1262 / 68)
  • +22dBm or +15dBm high-efficiency PA
  • 4.6mA RX current 
  • Integrated DC-DC converter and LDO
  • Programmable bit rate up to 62.5kbps LoRa and 300kbps FSK
  • High sensitivity down to -148dBm
  • 88dB blocking immunity at 1MHz offset
  • Co-channel rejection of 19dB in LoRa mode
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, and LoRa modulation
  • Built-in bit synchronizer for clock recovery
  • Automatic Channel Activity Detection (CAD) with ultra-fast AFC


  • Smart meters
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Building automation
  • Agricultural sensors
  • Smart cities
  • Retail store sensors
  • Asset tracking
  • Street lights
  • Parking sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Healthcare
  • Safety and security sensors
  • Remote control applications


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Semtech SX1261/SX1262 LoRa Transceivers
Published: 2018-03-20 | Updated: 2023-05-22