Silicon Labs FG25-PK6012A FG25 RoW Pro Kit

Silicon Labs FG25-PK6012A FG25 RoW Pro Kit is a comprehensive EFR32 Gecko Wireless System-on-Chip solution. The Silicon Labs FG25-PK6012A can provide everything needed to develop cutting-edge wireless applications, including the BRD4002A mainboard and a powerful EFR32FG25 863-870MHz 16dBm Radio Board. The kit also has a highly efficient 868MHz dipole antenna (Chilisin BTEA0019130G8R2A01) and a versatile flat cable.


  • Easy-to-use, flexible, and adaptable solution for wireless development projects
  • High-efficiency 868MHz antenna for optimized range and stability
  • Versatile flat cable for flexible connectivity options


  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Smart home automation systems
  • Industrial control and automation systems
  • Building automation and lighting control systems
  • Wireless meter reading and data collection systems
  • Wireless audio and video streaming systems
  • Health monitoring and wearable devices
  • Automated machinery and equipment control systems
  • Wireless security and surveillance systems

Kit Contents

  • 1x 868MHz dipole antenna (Chilisin BTEA0019130G8R2A01)
  • 1x flat cable 10p 150mm


Silicon Labs FG25-PK6012A FG25 RoW Pro Kit
Published: 2023-02-07 | Updated: 2023-02-09