Texas Instruments UCC14240EVM-052 Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments UCC14240EVM-052 Evaluation Module is designed to quickly and easily demonstrate the UCC14240-Q1 DC/DC converter module. The device features 1.5W of 3kVRMS, isolated power in a low-profile, 3.5mm, wide-body SOIC integrated package. The TI UCC14240EVM-052 evaluation module operates from 21V < VIN < 27V and is configured for dual outputs of VDD = +15V and VEE = -5V. It demonstrates typical bias supply voltages required by IGBT and SiC gate driver ICs facilitated in high-voltage, industrial and automotive inverters, battery management systems, charging stations, and various isolated equipment applications.


  • UCC14240-Q1 1.5W DC/DC converter module with dual, VDD, VEE outputs for SiC and IGBT gate driver IC bias
  • Transformer, power stage, and control fully integrated into a low-profile, 12.8mm x 7.55mm x 3.55mm wide body, 36-pin SOIC package
  • AEC-Q100, full rated power up to 105°C, 3.5pF isolation capacitance, SSM frequency modulation, and low electromagnetic emissions
  • 3kVRMS isolation, input OVP, output OCP, power limit, power good, enable and integrated soft start
  • The EVM demonstrates features most important to SiC and IGBT gate drive bias applications in an easy-to-use test platform

PCB Layout

Texas Instruments UCC14240EVM-052 Evaluation Module
Published: 2022-12-07 | Updated: 2023-01-11