Xvisio SeerSense™ DS80 Module

Xvisio SeerSense™ DS80 Module is a one-stop solution for VSLAM, depth, vision AI, CV edge computing and offers a compact design with 119mm x 23mm x 24mm. The DS80 features low power consumption and multiple OS support for a wide range of deployments. This module consists of an RGB camera, Type C port, EXI port, time-of-flight (ToF) camera, and fisheye cameras. Xvisio SeerSense™ DS80 Module has a 5V/3A supply voltage rating and both passive (SGBM) and active (ToF) depth engines on one device.


  • Multiple OS support for a wide range of deployment
  • Both passive and active depth engines on one device
  • Edge computing to offload host resource loading
  • Feature-rich SDKs and tool kit for fast development
  • Compact, portable design
  • Low power consumption


  • SDK
    • VIO
    • CSLAM
    • 3D reconstruction
    • Depth/point clout (SGBM/TOF)
    • Object detection
    • Gesture
    • Plane detection
    • RGBD camera
  • Tool Chain
    • Open VINO
    • Open CV
    • Xvsdk-viewer demo tool
  • 5V/3A supply voltage
  • 2.8W average power consumption
  • 9 axis IMU
  • 119mm x 23mm x 24mm dimensions


Published: 2022-11-16 | Updated: 2022-12-16