Connected Development XCVR Development Board, now available from Mouser, Simplifies Wireless IoT Design

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May 1, 2023Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry's leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components™, is now stocking the XCVR development board and reference design from Connected Development. Based on the LoRa® SX126x Sub-GHz radio transceiver from Semtech, the XCVR development board and reference design simplifies the design process and reduces time-to-market for customers designing solutions in markets such as building management, smart agriculture, supply chain, logistics and industrial control.

Connected Development's comprehensive layout and schematic files for the XCVR Development Board provide customers with convenient LoRa implementation into end-product designs. Software drivers are supplied with the design and are compatible with various microcontroller vendors, including Nordic Semiconductor. The XCVR's software drivers include various things such as LoRa Point to Point and LoRaWAN® (LoRaMAC-Node™ and LoRa Basics™ Modem) to enable rapid software development.

"The collaborative effort between Connected Development and Semtech on the XCVR provides our customer base with the combined benefits of Semtech's next-generation technology and Connected Development's state-of-the-art engineering design," says Gregor Bleimann, Connected Development's vice president and general manager. "We are confident that implementing Semtech's SX126x into the XCVR development board and reference design enhances functionality and product design and furthers our wireless solutions. Customers will decrease their time-to-market with added confidence by leveraging this reference design for their products."

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2023 - Connected Development is a team of well-known and respected experts in wireless, M2M, and IoT that provides the most comprehensive set of engineering design services on the market to bring products from concept to reality quickly and painlessly. Connected Development's network of partners, spanning every aspect of the wireless community, let them position customer solutions for success from the start. Their wireless technology experience includes all forms of cellular, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, LoRa®, and GNSS across many vertical industries, including utilities, transportation, healthcare, filtration, waste management, and more.

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2023 - Semtech Corporation is a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems and Cloud connectivity service provider dedicated to delivering high-quality technology solutions that enable a smarter, more connected, and sustainable planet. Semtech’s global teams are committed to empowering solution architects and application developers to develop breakthrough products for the infrastructure, industrial and consumer markets.

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