3M 95x 2mm Sockets & Headers

3M 95x 2mm Sockets and Headers include a wide array of economical board-to-board stacking 2mm connector sockets and box headers. These components feature 10µ" gold-plated contacts in a high-temperature plastic. The 95x series covers most typical needs for connecting in horizontal, vertical, and right-angle orientations. 3M 95x 2mm Sockets and Headers provide a robust system solution for 2mm applications.


  • Robust system solution for 2mm applications
  • Maximizes use of PC board space
  • High-temperature dielectric
  • 10µ" gold-plated contacts
  • No lead reflow solder compatible
  • Dual-row design, 6 to 50 pins
Published: 2008-12-11 | Updated: 2022-04-14