Amphenol RF TNC Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF TNC Cable Assemblies feature a miniature, threaded weatherproof connector with constant 50Ω impedance and a frequency range of DC to 11GHz. The threaded coupling interface ensures the connectors will not decouple during intense vibration. Amphenol RF TNC Cable Assemblies are versatile and durable, making them ideal for use in applications such as antennas, industrial, military, wireless, and broadband.


  • Threaded coupling interface ensures connector with not decouple in intense vibration
  • Durable construction
  • Performance from DC to 11GHz in many applications


  • Antennas
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Wireless
  • Broadband
Published: 2015-06-11 | Updated: 2022-04-11