Bridgetek MM930Mini USB MCU Development Module

Bridgetek MM930Mini USB MCU Development Module is a USB 2.0 Microcontroller evaluation and development tool, based on the FT930Q Bridge IC. This module enables the evaluation of all FT930 I/O and may be powered over USB or via other interface connectors. The module handles all USB signaling and protocols enabling rapid development of applications including USB to multi-port UART up to 12MBaud, USB to SPI up to 25MHz, and I2C at 3.4Mbit/s as well as SD-card, PWM Audio, ADC, and DAC interfaces. The MM930Mini USB development module operates at -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

When purchasing the MM930Mini, Bridgetek recommends also purchasing a UMFTPD2A programming and debug module.


  • Based on the USB Hi-Speed FT930Q 
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compatible
  • Reduced development time
  • Rapid integration into existing systems
  • USB powered - no external power supply needed
  • Entire USB protocol handled by D2xx hardware engine
  • USB Micro-B connector common on many commercial devices
  • On-board 500mA 3.3V LDO regulator, 12MHz crystal, 32kHz crystal
  • Asynchronous Serial data transfer rates from 300baud to 12Mbaud at TTL levels
  • One SPI master supports single/dual/quad modes of data transfer
  • Up to 25MHz clock rate
  • One SPI slave support single data transfer with 25MHz clock
  • I2C bus interface can be configured as master or slave, with data transfers up to 3.4Mbps
  • UHCI / OHCI / EHCI host controller compatible
  • One SPI slave support single data transfer with 25MHz clock
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 29.1mm x 42mm PCB

Board Layout

Bridgetek MM930Mini USB MCU Development Module
Published: 2017-05-31 | Updated: 2023-04-03