Microchip Technology AVR® XMEGA™ 8-Bit & 16-Bit Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology AVR® XMEGA™ 8-Bit and 16-Bit Microcontrollers (MCUs) are low power, high performance, and peripheral rich MCUs based on the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. By executing instructions in a single clock cycle, the AVR XMEGA MCUs achieve CPU throughput approaching one million instructions per second (MIPS) per megahertz, allowing the system designer to optimize power consumption versus processing speed. 

The AVR XMEGA MCUs combine a rich instruction set with 32 general purpose working registers. All 32 registers are directly connected to the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), allowing two independent registers to be accessed in a single instruction, executed in one clock cycle. The resulting architecture is more code efficient while achieving throughputs many times faster than conventional single-accumulator or CISC based microcontrollers.

The AVR XMEGA devices are manufactured using Atmel high-density, nonvolatile memory technology. The program flash memory can be reprogrammed in-system through the PDI or JTAG interfaces. A boot loader running in the device can use any interface to download the application program to the flash memory. The boot loader software in the boot flash section will continue to run while the application flash section is updated, providing true read-while-write operation. By combining an 8/16-bit RISC CPU with in-system, self-programmable flash, the AVR XMEGA MCUs provide a highly flexible and cost effective solution for many embedded applications.

All AVR XMEGA devices are supported with a full suite of program and system development tools, including C compilers, macro assemblers, program debugger/simulators, programmers, and evaluation kits.


  • High-performance, low-power Atmel AVR XMEGA 8/16-bit Microcontroller
  • Nonvolatile program and data memories
    • 64K - 128KBytes of in-system self-programmable flash
    • 4K - 8KBytes boot section
    • 2 KBBytes EEPROM
    • 4 KB - 8 KBBytes internal SRAM
      • External bus interface for up to 16Mbytes SRAM
      • External bus interface for up to 128Mbit SDRAM
  • Peripheral features
    • Four-channel DMA controller
    • Eight-channel event system
    • Eight 16-bit timer/counters
      • Four timer/counters with 4 output compare or input capture channels
      • Four timer/counters with 2 output compare or input capture channels
      • High resolution extension on all timer/counters
      • Advanced waveform extension (AWeX) on two timer/counters
    • Eight USARTs with IrDA support for one USART
    • Four two-wire interfaces with dual address match (I2C and SMBus compatible)
    • Four serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs)
    • AES and DES crypto engine
    • 16-bit real time counter (RTC) with separate oscillator
    • Two sixteen channel, 12-bit, 2msps Analog to Digital Converters
    • Two two-channel, 12-bit, 1msps Digital to Analog Converters
    • Four Analog Comparators (ACs) with window compare function, and current sources
    • External interrupts on all general purpose I/O pins
    • Programmable watchdog timer with separate on-chip ultra low power oscillator
    • QTouch® library support
      • Capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels
  • Special microcontroller features
    • Power-on reset and programmable brown-out detection
    • Internal and external clock options with PLL and prescaler
    • Programmable multilevel interrupt controller
    • Five sleep modes
    • Programming and debug interfaces
      • JTAG (IEEE 1149.1 compliant) interface, including boundary scan
      • PDI (Program and Debug Interface)
  • I/O and packages
    • 78 Programmable I/O pins
    • 100 lead TQFP
    • 100 ball BGA
    • 100 ball VFBGA
  • Operating voltage
    • 6.0V to 3.6V
  • Operating frequency
    • 0MHz to 12MHz from 6.0V
    • 0MHz to 32MHz from 2.7V


  • Industrial control
  • Climate control
  • Low power battery applications
  • Factory automation
  • RF and ZigBee®
  • Power tools
  • Building control
  • Sensor control
  • HVAC
  • Board control
  • Optical
  • Utility metering
  • White goods
  • Medical applications


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Microchip Technology AVR® XMEGA™ 8-Bit & 16-Bit Microcontrollers
Published: 2008-07-30 | Updated: 2022-03-11