AB Connectors / TT Electronics 38999 Series III Screen Trap Backshells

AB Connectors / TT Electronics 38999 Series III Screen Trap Backshells have trademarked 'Screen Trap' backshells that are adapted for use with all MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors to provide a simplified method of grounding overall shields. They are capable of terminating single, double, or optimized screens thereby making the Screen-Trap™ ideal where RFI, EMI, EMP, Tempest, or HIRF conditions apply. With no tooling required for assembly and fast termination, AB's backshells offer lower installation costs than other technologies. All Screen Trap™ backshells are tested to the American Specification AS85049 for connector backshells.


  • No tooling required for assembly
  • Grounded backshell, shield termination, environmental sealing, and mechanical strain relief
  • Tested to the American Specification AS85049 for connector backshells
  • Base materials and finishes


  • Defense
    • Surveillance systems
    • Thermal imaging
  • Aerospace
    • Fixed-wing
    • Rotary wing
    • Landing gear
    • Missile systems


  • ≥5000MΩ insulation resistance at 500VDC (at ambient)
  • 5A to 45A current rating
    • 2.5mΩ shell continuity
    • Shielding
      • 90db at 100MHz
      • 50db at 10GHz
  •  Materials
    • Aluminum shell
    • Rigid plastic/silicone rubber insulator
    • Copper alloy contacts, nickel-plated over gold
    • Standard plating finishes on aluminum parts
      • Cadmium olive drab (W)
      • Electroless nickel (F)
      • Nickel flurocarbon polymer (T)
      • Zinc cobalt green passivate (Q)
      • Black zinc cobalt (Q8)
  • Mechanical
    • 3 start stub acme thread coupling
    • Crimp contact termination
    • Dynamic sealing ring and individual wire seal grommet, IP67 rated
    • 500 mating/unmating operations
  • Environmental
    • -65°C to +175°C temperature range (-65°C to +200°C with electroless nickel plating)
    • 300g shock for 3ms according to EN 2591-D2 method A
    • Mated connectors meet altitude immersion requirements of MIL-DTL-38999
    • 500hrs of salt spray
    • Resistant to fluids
      • Gasoline: JP5 (OTAN F44)
      • Mineral hydraulic fluid: MIL-H-5606 (OTAN H515)
      • Synthetic hydraulic fluid: Skydrol 500 B4
      • Mineral lubricating: MIL-L-7870A (OTAN 0142)
      • Synthetic lubricating: MIL-L-23699 (OTAN 0156), MIL-L7808
      • Cleaning fluid: MIL-DTL-25769 diluted
      • De-icing fluid: MIL-A-8243
      • Extinguishing fluid: Chlorobrométhane
      • Cooling fluid: Coolanol
Published: 2013-03-28 | Updated: 2022-03-11