Silicom Ltd. is an industry-leading provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions. Designed primarily to improve performance and efficiency in cloud and data center environments, Silicom’s solutions increase throughput, decrease latency and boost the performance of servers and networking appliances. The company’s innovative solutions for high-density networking, high-speed fabric switching, offloading and acceleration are ideal for scaling-up and scaling-out cloud infrastructures.

Silicom products are used by major cloud players, service providers, telcos and OEMs as components of their infrastructure offerings, including both add-on adapters in the data center and stand-alone virtualized/universal CPE devices at the edge. Silicom’s long-term, trusted relationships with more than 150 customers throughout the world, plus its more than 400 active design wins and more than 300 product SKUs, have made the company a “go-to” connectivity/performance partner of choice for technology leaders around the globe.